- Roof Framing 101 -
(Volume 1)

Who I Am..

Hello, my name is Anton Council and I live in northern California.  I started working in the construction and framing industry full time at the age of 13 years old.  I loved framing almost from the beginning and roof cutting has always been my favorite.  I got my contractors license at the age of 20 and started my construction business which is known today as WestCoast Builders.

Why I Do It..

My reason for starting ROOF FRAMING 101 is to help educate the building industry on how to build roofs.  Just like any trade or occupation whether your going to college to be a surgeon or an attorney, it takes years to gain the knowledge and personal experience to perform your skill the correct way.  The same is true with rough framing, and conventional cut & stack roofs are the most complicated area of framing.  Some roofs can leave even the most seasoned carpenters scratching there heads.  Many carpenters have come up with creative ways to figure rafter lengths, whether its using strings, measuring from the ridge to the plate, scaling the plans,  stepping of the rafter with the framing square, etc.  All of these methods can and do get the job done but at what cost?  TIME!  And time is money.  When the building design gets more complicated what happens?  The framing price or piece price goes up! With the techniques I will be teaching in my instructional Roof Framing videos you will literally be able to shave days or even weeks off of the time your spending now.  I will show you how to figure all the rafter lengths from simple commons to non-45deg. irregular hips and valleys with offset corners, as well as all complex scenarios in between from the privacy of your office or tailgate, and youll never have to remove your saw from your cutting station on the ground.

- Roof Framing 101 -
(Volume 2)
What I Do..

I am a General Contractor but a large portion of WestCoast Builders is devoted to specializing in rough framing.  We handle residential and commercial projects that range from production framing to very high end projects and we currently have over 100 employees.

​​How To Connect With Me

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